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The foremost expert in the field of practical Contract preparation and negotiation, combining an understanding of Publishing Contracts with the business of publishing.


The independent, specialist business of providing an all-round professional Contracts service can be said to have begun in late 1993 with the establishment of Roger Palmer Limited, the company Stephen Aucutt joined in the summer of 1994. Following Roger’s death, Stephen established Contracts For Publishing Limited in August 2002. Since then the business has thrived, enjoying constant growth of its client list spanning agents, publishers and other rights owners and providing services to all members of the publishing community, be they first time authors or long established publishing houses. Stephen Aucutt has been an independent Contracts Consultant for twenty years and previously Contracts Manager with Reed Children’s Books (now Egmont) and Hodder. Contributor to CLARK’S PUBLISHING AGREEMENTS A Book Of Precedents 7E and has provided training at Publishing Training Centre. Over 30 years’ experience in publishing Contracts.

What can we do?

• draft, vet and negotiate contracts, whether through the licence of rights or assignment of copyright, across all types of rights (author/publisher; author/agent; translation; etc.);

• supply templates for all types of publishing contracts and associated documents (like remainder or reversion letters);

• advise you of appropriate terms and conditions for inclusion in your publishing standard Contracts and for specific deals;

• differentiate between the nuts and bolts of publishing contracts and the key elements of your individual requirements in order to bring your negotiations to a fruitful conclusion;

• offer access to an unique blend of knowledge, experience and industry reputation;

• apply their know-how acquired ‘at the coalface’ to your business;

• enable you to conduct your business safe in the knowledge that you have solid contractual foundations;

• reviewing and check the accuracy of royalty statements.


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